The sweetest story of this Advent – Festive Story Handcrafted by Kraš

Indulge all the senses with irresistible sweet treats based on the centenary of Kraš´ confectionery artisanship.

Advent is upon us, the most festive and beautiful time of the year to which we were eagerly looking forward. Zagreb Christmas Tale is sparkly and lavish, and in the heart of the city in Ban Jelačić Square is a special advent attraction KRAŠLAND, Kraš´ original structure set next to the Manduševac.Fountain. Made of solid wood, KRAŠLAND is like something from a fairy-tale, drawing admiring glances and inviting visitors to go up to a gallery from where memorable selfies with a view of the central square can be taken. Like a real castle, KRAŠLAND has a lot to offer – Santa Clause´s Office, children´s playroom and a wide passageway leading right to the Kraš´ Sweet Cottage.     


Dinamo Zagreb football players Izet Harjrović and Bruno Petković visited the magical KRAŠLAND, while Antonija Stupar Jurkin and Anita Dujić, who couldn´t resist Kraš´ sweet treats and indulged in fritulas, delicious fried doughnuts, and chocolate cocktails.

Izet Hajrović i Bruno Petković

Antonija Stupar Jurkin

Anita Dujić

The Handcrafted Festive Story is a name that best describes special catering offering containing culinary surprises at the Kraš´ Sweet Cottage, created for true connoisseurs of sweet treats. In addition to having fun and enjoying festive atmosphere, visitors indulge in hot chocolate, marvellous Bajadera fritula doughnuts and original hot-chocolate-based cocktails.

Ruby chocolate, made of the best cocoa beans with a special process to obtain a distinct pink colour and a mild fruity flavour, is this year´s exclusive hit offering of Kraš Bonbonnière Shops. A great novelty of Kraš´ advent offering is Ruby chocolate in all forms – Ruby hand-made chocolates and Ruby chocolate bars in high-end packaging, Ruby hot chocolate and the super brand new Ruby fritula doughnuts, bringing a completely new meaning to this delicacy.

The Handcrafted Festive Story, an exclusive Christmas range, featuring three Kraš products in a limited edition is available at all Kraš Bonbonnière Shops and Kraš Sweet Cottage.

Kraševa Rukom stvorena blagdanska priča

Kraševa Rukom stvorena blagdanska priča

The Handcrafted Festive Story includes a number of sites and attractions. The most fun will be at Kraš´ headquarters in Ravnice Street, where shows to cheer up our youngest will be running from the 4th until 20th December, for thirteen years in a row. Directed by Krešimir Dolenčić, this Sweet Tale Show for boys and girls is hosted by Luka Bulić, featuring Manuela Svorcan, Giuliano, Ahmed Abdel Rahim and many others. At the same time, at Kraš Sweet Cottage in Ban Jelačić Square, Santa Clause, Dinamo Zagreb football players and other celebrities will hang out with the youngest visitors each weekend until the end of December.

Still, what is Advent without memories to be captured on a photo? Kraš has thought of everything, so its photo point is eagerly awaiting the most beautiful Advent photographs to be made.

Kraševa Rukom stvorena blagdanska priča

We can say that Kraš´ Christmas Tale has returned in all its glory – bigger and chocolatier than ever.