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Chocolate bars

From carefully selecting the finest cocoa beans to making a variety of chocolate bars and assorted chocolates, superior Kraš chocolate is created for a true confectionery connoisseur.

Boxes of chocolates

A special range of Kraš’ boxes of chocolates include the unique combinations of flavours that are original to Kraš and distinctive for their quality and variety. Kraš’ boxes of chocolates, reflecting the tradition and mastery of making confections, make for the ideal gift and souvenir that beautifully preserves the tastes of Croatia.

Biscuits and wafers

Kraš biscuits, wafers and tea biscuits made with the best natural ingredients — grains, honey, butter and eggs — to traditional home-cooking recipes.   


Available in a wide selection of colours, flavours, and shapes, these candies appeal to young and old alike. Kraš’ candy brands — well-known and much loved for generations.

Savoury range

When relaxing and having fun in the company of family and friends or at a sporting event, we all feel like snacking.

Children's range

Kraš offers fine and delicious sweet treats to its most loyal and favourite consumers. Only the best for the youngest from the Kraš range.

Sugar-free range

Kraš has developed a special range for all those who take care of their diet, health, and good looks.

Home-baking range

The home-baking range of Kraš has been created to bring the mastery of making desserts into consumers' homes.