Rules of the “KRAŠly holidays!” prize competition

Article 1 – Organiser Name and Corporate Headquarters

The organiser of the prize competition is Kraš prehrambena industrija d.d., OIB (PID): 94989605030, Ravnice 48, Zagreb.

Article 2 – Name of the Prize Competition, Time and Venue

The name of the prize competition is “KRAŠly holidays!”. The prize competition will last from 20 November 2023 until 17 December 2023 until 11:59 p.m. through four rounds (first round 20-26 November, second round 27 November – 3 December, third round 4-10 December, and fourth round 11-17 December), with winners chosen every Wednesday (29 November, 6 December, 13 December, 20 December). The competition is valid in the Republic of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Slovenia, Republic of Serbia, and Republic of North Macedonia. The prize competition will be held on the official website of Kraš Hrvatska URL

Article 3 – The Purpose of the Prize Competition

The purpose of the prize competition is to strengthen the connection with users through digital media for the purpose of promoting Kraš brands.

Article 4 – Conditions for Participation in the Prize Competition

The rules for participation in the competition will be presented on the Kraš Hrvatska website. When registering for the prize competition, participants must upload a photo and submit the following basic personal information via the online form: first and last name, residential address and mobile phone number on the Kraš Hrvatska website. All citizens over the age of 16 with permanent residence in the Republic of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republic of Slovenia, the Republic of Serbia and the Republic of North Macedonia are eligible to participate in the prize competition from Article 2, with the exception of persons employed by Kraš d.d. and affiliated companies and members of their immediate family, as well as persons who perform the activity that is the subject of the contest (professional photographers) on a full-time or part-time basis. Each participant may participate in the prize competition with multiple submissions of work personally authored by them via the website Each participant can win only one prize during the prize competition. After cutting out ornaments from the cardboard packaging of Kraš’s holiday product range (Dorina Extra Milk 220g, Dorina Biscuit 220g, Dorina Praline Winter Mix 140g, Moto Biscuit Cocoa 192g, Domaćica Speculaas 275g, Kraš Kids Mix 230g, Kolumbo 4x100g, Tortica Mini Original 144g), the participants should use them to decorate a space in the holiday spirit or bring joy to a loved one with their creative effort, then take photos of their handiwork and upload them to the campaign website together with their personal information using the form. Each round of evaluation shall apply only to the photos submitted during that round, and each week, the 10 most creative submissions will win a prize. The photograph must not show a person other than the competitor. As an exception, other people may be shown, provided that the participant has obtained their consent, for which the participant assumes full responsibility. Entries that are incomplete or in any way inadequate, technically or in terms of content (in particular: illegal, dangerous, malicious, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, vulgar or xenophobic content) will not be included in the database for the selection of winners. In the above cases, the Organiser reserves the right to disqualify the participant at any time during the prize competition.

Participants guarantee that they will not knowingly infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties with their entries. By participating in this prize competition, the participants waive any future claims against the Organiser based on copyright and other intellectual property rights and further agree that the Organiser may use, publish, and adapt the submitted authorial work without restrictions.

Article 5 – Prize Fund

The prize fund includes: 40 Kraš sweet packages

Article 6 – Selection of Prize Winners and Control of Selection

The prize winners will be selected at the Organiser’s headquarters in Zagreb by a jury consisting of two members of the Organiser’s marketing team and one representative of the Studio Sonda d.o.o. marketing agency. As a rule, checks will be carried out to verify whether the requirements from Article 4 of these rules have been met. The criteria for selecting the winners will be the greatest display of creativity and the most successful link with the campaign theme in the submitted photos in line with the prize assignment, according to the opinion of the majority of the jury members.

Article 7 – Announcement of the Results of the Prize Competition

The results of the prize competition will be announced on the Kraš Hrvatska website:

· The first round of selecting winners: 29 November 2023

· The second round of selecting winners: 6 December 2023

· The third round of selecting winners: 13 December 2023

· The fourth round of selecting winners: 20 December 2023

Article 8 – Method and Deadline for Collecting Prizes

The packages will be sent to the home address of the winners within ten business days of the announcement of the winners.

Article 9 – Method of Familiarising the Participants With the Rules of the Prize Competition

The guidelines for participating in the prize competition will be advertised from 2 November 2023 on the Kraš

Hrvatska website,

Article 10 – Dispute Settlement

In the event of a dispute between the Organiser and the participants of the “KRAŠly holidays” prize competition, the Municipal Court in Zagreb shall have jurisdiction.

Article 11 – Rules of the Prize Competition

All participants of the prize competition agree to the rules of the prize competition. All participants of the prize

competition agree to the Privacy Protection Rules on the website, according to which the personal information of the participants shall be used only for the purpose of conducting the prize competition.

Article 12 – Possible Termination of the Prize Competition

The prize competition may only be terminated in case of force majeure.

Zagreb, 02 November 2023. Kraš prehrambena industrija d.d., OIB (PID): 94989605030, Ravnice 48, Zagreb.

*Kraš respects your privacy and undertakes not to use your personal information

in any case except for the purpose of conducting this competition. Announcing the list of winners on the Kraš

Hrvatska website will include: first and last name.

** Facebook, Inc. does not in any way sponsor, promote or administer this competition. The company

Facebook, Inc. is in no way responsible for the organisation and implementation of the competition or game of chance and shall bear no

responsibility if any disputes arise.