Take a break and try the new taste of Dorina Petit Beurre and milk!

Chocolate lovers, attention! A new taste of Dorina is coming from Kraš's chocolate workshop!

We broke Petit Beurre and Dorina, added milk cream, and got the perfect combination of milk chocolate and a classic, everyone’s favorite biscuit - Petit Beurre. For all fans of Kraš chocolates with biscuits, the new Dorina Petit Beurre and milk will be a complete hit. This milk chocolate filled with rich white milk cream bravely stood next to the already known and no less favorite chocolates Dorina Speculaas, Dorina Domaćica original, Dorina Domaćica dark, Dorina Domaćica raspberry, Dorina Jadro, Dorina Napolitanka, and Dorina Choco Napolitanka.

The combination of your favorite Dorina chocolate and crispy Petit Beurre biscuits will delight the palates of connoisseurs of delicious Dorina flavors, but also the youngest fans who will not be able to resist the tempting taste of milk chocolate and the most crunchy biscuits.

A delicious snack during school holidays or a game with friends, or one Dorina Petit Beurre and milk for a break at work. One or five. Neither children nor adults will remain indifferent to the taste of this chocolate.

The new Dorina Petit Beurre and milk comes in a package of 105 and 300 grams of pleasure and will surely delight all fans of Dorina chocolate.