Ladies and Gentlemen, we present you PreKrašni Kolačići Cookies

Are you expecting the long verses about the cookies that melt irresistibly in your mouth, the exaggerated descriptions of their perfectly brittle texture, and the glorification of their unmistakably dosed filling? Nope, we're not doing that because we know you'll find PreKrašni Kolačići Cookies to be much more than that.
Should we now write about the superb quality of our new cookies which fill everyone's day with bits of energy and pleasure? We could, but we won't. Why? Because we know that everyone will choose their PreKrašni by themselves, and everything will be obvious in an instant. Make your moments beautiful, eat a PreKrašni (beautiful) Cookie.

These irresistible cookies come in different flavors and colors to satisfy the most refined palates. In a world that promotes excellence, agility, and the constant need to achieve even bigger and better goals and invest in the future, PreKrašni emphasize that it is time for all of us to turn to this unique moment of the present and enjoy it while having a PreKrašni cookie.

PreKrašni Kolačići Cookies come in eight different flavors, so everyone can choose their favorite cookie for a favorite moment. Sunflower seeds and sesame cookie, dark chocolate chips cookies, milk chocolate chips and peanuts cookie topped with chocolate, with lemon flavor filling, with apple filling, with cherry filling, with cocoa filling, and with nougat filling. They come in packages of 200 to 220 grams and are waiting for you on the shelves of all major stores in Croatia.