Kraš presented the Zagreb Cathedral made of white chocolate

Today we presented another project in a series of products that celebrate some of the most important historical sights in our country. The front door of the Zagreb Cathedral cast from the white chocolate enriched the Croatian Heritage collection. In addition, the President of the Board announced that Kraš d.d. is to donate the amount of HRK 50,000 for the renovation of the Zagreb Cathedral, to which we will add a part of the income from the sale of this new product.

Chocolate is an ideal souvenir for all those who want to take a part of Zagreb with them, and the presentation of the new product was supported by the Zagreb Tourist Board as well as the Archdiocese of Zagreb.
The white chocolate Zagreb Cathedral is entirely handmade and is the work of top Kraš masters. Experts were in charge of the authentic depiction of the cathedral, devising a special design of the high-relief chocolate model and making precisely shaped silicone molds into which chocolate is poured to obtain an original and unique product. After a demanding process of manual design, the chocolate cathedral is packed in a luxury box that also contains a booklet with interesting information about the history of the cathedral. The edge of the box is decorated with gold details that also appear on the stained glass windows of the cathedral, while the dark blue color is considered to be associated with spirituality, so it was chosen as the main color of the packaging. The design of the box and the booklet is signed by Ana-Marija Vlahović, a young and successful Croatian designer with whom Kraš has already collaborated on other products in the Croatian Heritage collection.

With the collection Croatian Heritage, Kraš pays tribute to some of the greatest domestic cultural and material goods. The Diocletian's Palace in Split, the Dubrovnik Orlando's Column and the Šibenik Fortress Sv. Nikola, famous sights that are under the protection of UNESCO, and now they are joined by one of the most famous symbols of Zagreb.

Chocolate Zagreb Cathedral made of white chocolate comes in a package of 350 grams and can be found in all Bonbonnière Kraš, Kraš Choco bars as well as in the newly opened Kraš choco & café on the main square of Zagreb.