Dorina & Mustra created the sweetest cups

The most wonderful time of the year is getting closer, and there is no such thing as too many gift ideas. Whether you want to wish the sweetest wishes for someone's birthday, holiday, or some other important day, is there anything better than those that come with chocolate? When you add a designer mug with a special message to your favorite dessert, there is no chance that the person receiving the gift will remain indifferent. To make your search for the perfect gift easier, Kraš and Mustra have combined their passions for chocolate and design, and this holiday season they have presented an attractive special packaging that will sweeten up everyone's day.

In the adorable box there are four irresistible Dorina (Milk, Ice filling, Hazelnut, and Biscuit) chocolates - and a porcelain cup made in Croatia with the recognizable Mustra inscriptions "Pomalo" and "Oborilo me", and new visuals "Stavljam sve na kocku" and "Pao mi je šećer“ exclusively designed for this cup collection. This packaging is a great gift when we want to cheer someone up, make them laugh, or just show them that we care.

Thanks to Kraš and Mustra, these holidays we can tell our loved ones that we know exactly what they need - a cup of four chocolates. Dorina & Mustra packages are available in limited quantities in Bonbonnière Kraš and on the shelves of all major stores.

Dorina i mustre