Dorina Macarons – a French macaron in the heart of chocolate

Our Dorina Macarons range consists of three milk chocolate bars with coloured wafers and colorful macaron pieces hiding inside cream centres. 

A combo of chocolate and milk cream centres in each square of Dorina chocolate blends perfectly with strawberry, vanilla or pistachio flavours. The macarons are widely popular all over the world, but the finest ones come, of course, from France. They are an iconic confection, and although they look like a simple coloured biscuit, their preparation is the result of the art of pastry making that the Kraš masters brought to life in the superior Dorina chocolate. 

These chocolate bars are distinctive not only for their innovative macaron flavour but also for their appearance. Each flavour variety is combined with a different wafer colour: the green ones with Dorina Macarons Pistachio, the pink ones with Dorina Macarons Strawberry and the yellow ones with Dorina Macarons Vanilla. 

A history of French macarons 

A history of French macarons is quite interesting. Namely, the word ‘macaron’ originates from the standard Italian ‘maccheroni’ or the Venetian ‘maccarone’, meaning small pasta. Interestingly, they were first made in Italy, and their creator was Catherine de’ Medici, the wife of the king Henry II of France, who designed these small confections with her personal pastry chef for her wedding in 1553.  

The first macarons were simple pastries made with ground almonds, sugar and egg whites. Many towns in France have their own stories and legends surrounding this delicacy. In Nancy, the granddaughter of Catherine de’ Medici was reportedly saved from starvation by eating these tasty treats, and in Saint-Jean-de-Luz the macarons made by Chef Adam were served at the royal wedding of Louis XIV and Marie-Therese in 1660.

It wasn’t until the 20th century that the macarons began to be made and got their distinctive look as we know them today. Pierre Desfontaines, the grandson of Louis Ernest Ladurée, after whom the famous Parisian patisserie was named, was the first one to come up with the idea of sticking two macaron shells together with a creamy chocolate ganache filling in the middle. To date, the French macarons have been enjoying national recognition in the whole of France and continued to be the bestselling confections in French patisserie shops.

Our Dorina Macarons, just like the French ones, melt in the mouth and are a true treat for the sweet-toothed.