Break it and take it (by it we mean every flavour there is).

Life is full of choices, daily decisions, dilemmas, trilemmas, and multiple options. There are situations when we are forced to decide on one possibility, but sometimes it is not necessary to break your head, it is best - to take it all.

Among the selections that are neither painstaking nor bitter, but irresistibly sweet and offer a whole range of flavors, there are also Dorina chocolates, which now come in a new, redesigned edition. The new packaging of Dorina keeps the quality better than ever, and the refined visual centered on a triangle that emphasizes the taste of individual chocolate is also reminiscent of some retro editions of Kraš products. The new packaging is fully recyclable, which also contributes to the preservation of the environment.

Dorina chocolates come in more than twenty flavors and are prepared exclusively from selected cocoa beans from Ghana, the country of the best growers and producers of cocoa trees in the world, with Kraš insisting on beans of the main harvest. They have been repeatedly awarded consumer recognition, which confirms their unquestionable recognition and proven good recipe. In addition to being one of Kraš's biggest brands, it is also enjoyed by consumers in more than 20 countries around the world.

Which of the 24 flavors of Dorina will you choose? Just kidding, of course, you'll take them all. You can find Dorine in a new look on the shelves of all major retail chains and in Kraš Bonbonnières.